Welcome to the official AR Kingdom Elite web site. Our program is designed to build strong bonds and a consistent support system in efforts to produce model citizens out of our athletes. We have mentored over 100 athletes of the Central Arkansas area through our basketball program. Our philosophy is really simple; keep them busy, keep the challenged, and keep their trust. In return, we expect them to be nothing less than “Kings & Queens” on and off the court; this includes their homes, classrooms, and communities.
The Conway Kings Basketball Organization is a 501c(3) Organization.
P.O. Box 11656 * Conway, AR 72034

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The Mission

Our mission is to provide our athletes with all the resources necessary to guarantee their success on and off the court.

The Vision

The vision of the Conway Kings Basketball Organization is to provide an opportunity where the youth affiliated with the program will have access to all the resources they need to develop into positive, productive adults. We will accomplish this vision by gaining their interest and trust through the sport of basketball.


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